Should B2B Marketers be Creating or Curating?

Which content marketing tactic drives more leads for B2B marketers – created content or curated content? Enlightened marketers use both.

Original content creation is vital to attracting high-quality leads and turning them into customers.

But curated content, if done correctly, can be just as helpful in generating leads, meanwhile saving you time and improving your reputation as a thought leader.

You must put your own unique spin on others’ content by commenting on it, or by framing the discussion around the reasons your audience should find the information valuable. 

The key to adding value for readers is adding your own insights to curated content. Although you may not be an expert on the topic, you can still demonstrate your expertise and get great content published quickly. 

How much of your content should be created vs. curated? Find out in Curata’s latest webinar, Content Marketing Tactics 2014: Creation, Curation and Syndication. 

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