Shane Snow is wrong: Original content is not all that matters

Shane Snow from Contently advocates for original content over curated content.  (Keep in mind, his company is an outsourced content creation firm). 

As brands continue to engage in content-as-advertising, the winners will wake up to the futility of robo-targeted SEO strategies or social-media campaigns that pump out “curated” links like sewage. The supposed cost savings of unoriginal or uninspiring content are, simply, costs. Indeed, original is the only brand content strategy that moves the needle.

Shane does make a good point that original content is crucial to building a brand and spelling out your point of view.  But he is off the mark with curation, by mistaking it with simple aggregation.  If curation is done right, then it’s not simply about spewing out content.  It’s about annotating content, adding perspective, adding value and recognizing that not every good idea of opinion has to come from your brand.

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