SEO Misconceptions That Just Won’t Die

Content marketing success requires a thorough understanding of search engine optimization(SEO). However, there are many misconceptions about SEO that simply won’t go away. Charles Dearing of Patient Sites succinctly reviews 4 of these misconceptions in a recent blog post.  

  1. Meta tags and descriptions are important for search engines.
  2. If you don’t use enough keywords, your content will not be found online.
  3. Focusing on high search volume keywords will help achieve success.
  4. Having a good amount of links will boost your rankings.

There is certainly some truth to each of these misconceptions.  For example, posting your content on an off-site property that is highly valued by Google could be very valuable to your own site if you’ve placed a contextually relevant and valuable link in that post. (e.g., Curata recently featured a guest post by Andy Crestodina, Choosing the Best Blog Topic, with a link to Andy’s own blog)

Do read more of the details in Charles’ post below to ensure you’re up to speed on the real story behind these four misconceptions. 

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