Research Study: the Economics of Content, 20 Minute Survey

Content marketing has emerged as a powerful vehicle for buyer engagement, thought leadership, and demand generation. Aberdeen Group is launching a new research project to identify Best-in-Class practices across the content marketing lifecycle – from content development, management, and distribution, to analytics and optimization. Their analysis will quantify the value of content in the marketing mix, helping identify the new economics of content marketing. We’re pleased to support this great research and hope you will as well.

Curata and Aberdeen invite you join the research panel for Aberdeen’s Content Marketing study. By sharing your challenges, successes, and future plans when it comes to content marketing, you will help Aberdeen identify Best-in-Class practices.  As a thank you for your time and effort, you’ll be among the first to receive the research report from the study, allowing you to benchmark your practices with those of your peers. Individual responses will be kept strictly confidential and data only used in aggregate. Thanks for your participation in Aberdeen’s research.

The survey is live now at