Real-World Examples of Successful Content Curation

How to manage creating original content is a mainstream topic these days. Finding the time, the topics, finding who to tackle the creative associated with it. Companies are turning to content curation as a time-saving alternative for their content marketing programs. But how are others doing it? What types of content are their curating on? How often do they curate? Well, we’ve put together a Look Book that features real-world examples of companies who have created successful content destinations.

“This group of examples will not only inspire you to think about how you might use curation in your own marketing, but also shows just how powerful curated content can be to illustrate your expertise without the ongoing burden of creating your own content.” – Foreword to the Look Book written by Rohit Bhargava

Here are two examples from the Look Book to explore.


Oregon Wine Newsroom

Focused on creating an online destination that focuses on providing industry information on the savory Oregon Wine market. The site is targeted towards not only visitors but wine aficionados, wine bloggers and wine media who may be looking for update to date news.

“In the first week of launching, we curated two articles in the newsroom that were immediately syndicated and picked up by Google as a news source.” – Charles Humble, Director of Communications

Designed to provide all angles of legal situation, keeping the consumer in mind. uses curated content to provide both sides of the argument and makes their site the one-top shop for legals news.


Download your copy of the Curata Look Book to see additional examples.