Real-Time News Curation – The Complete Guide Part 6: The Tools Universe

What tools do I need to do “content curation”? Do I need a different technology if I want to curate the news and not the rest? How about if I want to curate only video clips. Is there something just for that? How many “curation” tools are out there and what are the key differences among them?

Photo credit: Robin Good

After having spent time understanding why content curation fulfills such a great need, having clarified the differences between automated aggregation / filtering and manual curation, having shown real-world examples to understand what aggregation and curation look like, and having defined the process, tasks and the skills that a news or content curator should have, this part of the Real-Time News Curation Guide is devoted to analyze the exploding universe of curation tools out there, what is out there, what characterizes these tools and what features we will need in the near future to make them even more useful.

For this purpose, in the course of the last few months I have been putting together a curation toolkit map that attempts to map out all of the content and news curation tools available online.

It is amazing to see how many tools already contribute to this emerging new universe of interest. In the arc of only a few months over 10 new curation tools have come to the light and more are going to be released in the coming weeks and months.

In total honesty, I have been anticipating, and actually hoping for, this wide and growing acknowledgment of the importance and power of content curation, or newsmastering as I labeled it back in 2004, for a long-time. I am tremendously excited to see that my original ideas on newsmastering and content curation via newsradars, inspired also by the ideas of Stephen Downes were all on the right track.

Just a bit too much ahead of their own times.

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