Quick Hits for Starting a Content Marketing Career

Consumer and B2B marketing departments have increased their content budgets this year Trends suggest that spending will continue to grow in 2017. Investment isn’t going exclusively to technology; half of the companies surveyed are spending on staffing their content marketing teams. The people who land these roles have reason to be excited as they emerge into a career that is all about telling a story. Here is what a rookie should know about preparing, getting hired, and what to expect out of a career in content marketing.


Regardless of which content format you specialize in, it’s important to get your stuff out there. Practice makes perfect! You wrote an article? Post it to Medium. You made an infographic? Share it on Reddit. You made a video? Publish it on YouTube. Get public exposure and seek constructive criticism.

Getting Hired

Pimp yourself. Use all the content you’ve created and improved through previous publishing by making your own portfolio. There is no better place to showcase your professional aptitude than LinkedIn. This is a place to showcase your skills, but also your growth and the evolution of your voice.


Not all companies understand how to culture a great content marketing team, or how creating awesome content requires time, planning, research—and creativity. Executing content marketing without strategy will produce unfortunate results, such as getting a heaping workload with unbalanced deadlines, or creating content to produce short term results. Lionel Valdellon advises a remedy for this:

“…you have to demonstrate your ability to provide value and insight even in the planning stages of a campaign. If you’re forever silent, no one will realize you have strategies or best practices to share with the larger team.”

Lionel is battle tested. Check out his wisdom below.

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