Peering Into the Future of 2016

Gaining an insight into what’s going to happen in the future is an obvious advantage humans are constantly searching for. Jebbit co-founder and COO Jonathan Lacoste is one such human looking for this advantage. He spoke to three experts: Brian Solis of Altimeter Group, Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute, and Adam Berke of AdRoll for Inc. to discover five trends for the second half of 2016.

The first trend Lacoste spotlights is artificial intelligence, of which he writes:

As of now, the most common use of artificial intelligence in marketing has been in the form of machine learning. Programmatic buying arose as one of the most prevalent uses of machine learning a few years ago, and other uses of AI include predictive customer service, recommendations, and content curation.

(For more on content curation, click here.) 

The other hottest trends include SnapChat (which feels like it’s everywhere this year), mobile (“we’ve reached a tipping point”), personalization (“consumers demand immediacy and expect brands to meet their context”), and email marketing (“Marketers using segmented email campaigns report a 760% increase in revenue”). 

Of course, the most accurate way to predict the future is to create it yourself—which is easiest when you have a documented strategy for achieving your marketing goals, such as with the Content Marketing Pyramid. For more of Brian, Joe and Adam’s insights, click on the link below.

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