Optimize SEO by Ditching the Keyword Mentality

SEO has often been a something of a struggle for marketers to grasp. We focus on making sure the right keyword is used (and used often) to ensure a piece places at the top of Google search results. Everyone would love to be like these 10 sites that always top the search results. But how did they accomplish this?

It can be as simple as understanding Google better. In “How to optimize content for topics versus keywords,” Ian Cleary demonstrates how Google is more than just a keyword search machine. Google understands the context of a piece, and a well written piece has all the keywords you need to make it to the top. Ian sums it up like so:

Let’s say you decide to write about the top Twitter analytics. You’re not going to mention Twitter analytics all the time but, if you’re writing a detailed article about this topic, you’d expect to see words and phrases like: Twitter statistics, Twitter reports, retweets, shares, engagement, mentions of Twitter analytics tools etc. So, you’re writing a post about the full topic and you consider all the keywords for that topic. But your article is still focussed on the ‘Twitter Analytics’ keywords… i.e. your topic.

Having this mentality changes how you write. You can pack more details into posts instead of repeating keywords or phrases over and over. (Other ways to bring out the best in your blog can be found in the Business Blogging Secrets Revealed eBook.) Maximize your SEO efforts via the link to the rest of Ian’s post below.


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