Online Curation: The What, Why And How – An Interview With Micah Sifry

Why is content curation so important? In this video interview, I recorded with Micah Sifry, co-founder and editor of the Personal Democracy Forum, you can taste one more viewpoint and explanation of why news and content curation are becoming so important. And not only.

Photo credit: Robin Good
Micah Sifry states it clear and without any hesitation: such abundance of content and of people producing it offers great business opportunities that are yet to be discovered.
“I actually think it’s a market opportunity for entrepreneurs, as well as for editors, both in terms of building better tools for sifting through all of this information to tease out the signal from the noise.”
Curation is not just a fad or the equivalent of sharing a few pictures and funny links with your Facebook friends. Yes, at some level that is content curation too, but what Micah Sifry wants to highlight is how relevant it is to understand that serving a market of 10,000 info-hungry specialists is going to increasingly be a business opportunity, unlike what has been happening in the past, with publishers / editors / bloggers all vying for “traffic” and large, mass-like audiences.
This is going to change. “Niche media has absolutely got a healthy future” he says happily. And you don’t need to depend or feel constrained by Google as there are several alternative avenues that you can use to make yourself be found.
What you need to pay attention to, instead, is the fact that Google does have the power to define the world, to be the lens through which we see the world.
The problem with this is that in effect the Googles and Facebooks of this world may be creating separate realities. My friend, Eli Pariser, who spoke at PDF last year, has a excellent new book about this problem. He calls it “The Filter Bubble”.
To fight this issue we need curation and we need to help the worst intellectual disease we have around today: a lot of people just want superficial information. They suck up what they are being served from the mainstream fire-hose without any critical awareness and in a totally passive way.
Such profound lack of a new media literacy, it’s probably stemming from too much of education devoted simply to forced memorization and regurgitation, instead of to the healthy intellectual development of analysis, critical thinking and questioning abilities.
Here in full, Micah Sifry video interview on curation, including a full text transcription.
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