Online Content Monetization: Critical Viewpoints From George Siemens And Gerd Leonhard. A great piece by Robin Good

How are publishers going to monetize online content in the future? With the launch of the iPad, Rupert Murdoch still picking on Google and positive signs of recovery from the economic recession, the discussion on online content is hotter than ever.

Photo credit: David Meerman Scott

With some revenues back in their wallets, publishers are starting again to explore alternatives business models they can use to monetize their content. Are paywalls a sound strategy? Or is it the freemium model the better way to go?

To make greater sense of this issue myself, I have prepared two unpublished video interviews with educational technologies, learning and connectivism expert George Siemens and with Swiss media futurist Gerd Leonhard, in which I inquire both on the future of online content monetization and distribution.

The key takeaway emerging from these conversations is that content is no longer a separate entity that you can take, share and sell “as it is”.

What really matters now is what you sell around your content.

It may be the ease of consumption, of access, the curation work that lies behind it or the personal touch that you deliver with the content. It can be a million different things, but it is this additional “value” that opens the doors to new sustainable and effective business models. I have already addressed this free / paid content issue before, for example when I discussed the best strategy to market a film DVD online. You might want to check that out.

If you are interested in understanding better how the notion of “free” is changing and how the value of content curation is rapidly increasing and becoming the foundation of a new online business model, I think you will enjoy a great deal what these two guys have told me.

Here the two video interviews complemented with their full text transcriptions:

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