One Tip for Online Brand Leadership

Many of our customers tell us that becoming the key industry resource online is a top priority that they fail to accomplish. This status is typically reserved for analysts, an industry association, an industry publication or a news website. But there is a competitive edge available to those companies who want their prospects to treat them as a key industry resource for a specific issue during and after the buying process.

B2B marketers must commit to content curation to become online brand leaders

Paul Dunay, Global Managing Director of Services and Social Media at Avaya, explains, “Content is Media. B2B marketers really need to think and act more like a media house.” Content gives B2B businesses the opportunity to have a discussion with the media and facilitate online brand leadership without interruption-based outbound marketing. What separates brand leaders from everyday social media users is content curation. Curators are committed to finding and sharing the most relevant information across their integrated marketing channels to become online industry leaders.

Successful and intelligent content curators identify the critical “issue or pain” on which your most profitable customers want information. The more narrow the issue, the easier it is to collect this information and take ownership. Don’t be vague. Don’t be general. Be very specific. If the issue is truly critical to your customers, there will be many important conversations surrounding it.

Most online resources cover a broad range of issues that require search and discovery. However, the act of internet search takes up valuable time. Make it easy for your audience to go to one location and find all the relevant information around the key issue you address. You’ll get an edge over your competitors who do not.

If you are interested in learning more about content curation and online brand leadership, view our factsheet, “Top 10 Reasons Companies Struggle to Become Thought Leaders,” and register for our eBook, “Content Curation: Taming the Flood of B2B Marketing Content.”

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