One Simple Tactic For Making Relevant Content

Creating content relevant to your audience is crucial to achieving your marketing goals. To do this, many marketers take a leaf out of Oreo’s book and focus on current events

Frank Thomas, head of Adidas’s content strategy and content marketing, used a different method. When he launched Adidas’s Game Plan A, a content hub, he had this to say about it: 

The goal of this venture is to engage employees and attract the right talent and build relationships with like-minded people (be they internal or external) who have a cultural background compatible to our own. While all of this will help create advocacy in the long term, driving revenue isn’t a primary goal of GamePlan A.

This strategy has more longevity than Oreo’s, because current events’ relevance doesn’t last. A better way to achieve relevancy is developing durable branding that resonates with your audience. Then filter all aspects of your company’s communications through your brand definition. 

Strong branding strategy works. According to Bop Design, 64 percent of people cite shared values as the main reason they have a relationship with a brand. 

Thomas suggests that after filtering all communications through your brand definition, you should “Dare to disregard the numbers.” This is an interesting concept and can be good for testing and ideation. But it’s important to use analytics to ensure your content works. Yes, try alternatives to what’s worked in the past, but if your test fails, it’s time to abort and start anew.

For more information on how Adidas created relevant content for their brand, check out Thomas’s full article below.

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