One Example of Video-Based B2B Content Marketing in the Information Technology Business

Anne Marie Berger of ForeFront, a boutique system integrator, uses a video posted on YouTube to show how partnering with IBM, using WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration, empowers ForeFront to deliver and achieve successful cloud computing strategies for its clients.

Information technology firms long have used white papers and “words” to educate professionals about technology problems and illustrate solutions suppliers can offer. These days, video is becoming an important part of content marketing, though. 

Use of video has become virtually ubiquitous in the information technology business, though.Metaswitch Networks, for example, sells software and equipment for cable TV and telco customers, and has significantly increased the amount of business video it uses to promote its business.

Ciscosells telepresence and video conferencing solutions that often can be best visualized in video form.