Not Everyone Needs to Care About Data

We all know how important data is to content marketing. How can you know what’s working and what isn’t if you don’t have relevant data? If you don’t know what your ROI is because you don’t have data, how can you possibly justify what you do to the boss? Needless to say, it’s important to care about data.

But it shouldn’t always be the most important thing.

For content some, caring too much about data can blur focus from what should be more important: improving your creative chops.

Influencer Jay Acunzo knows full well how much he’s supposed to care about data, but in a revealing post, he confesses he just… doesn’t

There are others like me, others who create content for a living—damn good content at that—and we don’t really think about data all that much…

We pretend to care. But we don’t really care.

We really care about our craft. We care about making things others like, nay, love. And as it just so happens, this is the skill that many businesses are starting to realize they need but can’t often find… Because rather than get 1.2x the results through optimization, we strive for 10x the results through creation.

This dynamic is the exact reason why content marketers are starting to hire more journalists.

Your content marketing team leader needs to care about data. Your marketing ops needs to care about data. But your content creators? They don’t need to care about data—at least, not as much. Clink the link below to examine Jay’s argument for focusing more on creativity.

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