Need Inspiration? Look to Curation

Curating content has a number of obvious benefits, including showing third-party perspective and increasing content output; these are some of the reasons why best-in-class marketers are curating 25% of all content. But, there is another benefit of content curation that many people may not realize: its effect on the quality of created content. In this article, Tommy Landry provides six ways that curating content can help you produce better, more informed created content. One way is to have conversations about the content you curate:

Based on those conversations, you should have a stack of ideas that can be turned into content marketing topics. Give credit to the person who stimulated the idea in the first place. We are all in this together, so give kudos and credit whenever possible. Not only will it strengthen the relationship and help you cook up content ideas, but it is highly likely to make it on their radar for promotion to their own network of friends and fans.” 

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