Native Advertising: How Can You Benefit? [Infographic]

Gone are the days of traditional advertising. Rather, with the rise in content marketing, brands have started to make a noticeable shift toward native advertising. Simply defined, native advertising can take form in sponsored stories on Facebook, sponsored tweets on Twitter, sponsored articles on LinkedIn, and more. So what has prompted this rise in native advertising? MDG Advertising created a valuable infographic to highlight the importance of native advertising to content marketers. One question addressed was why brands prefer to use native advertising over traditional advertising. The top reasons?

  • To provide more relevant messaging.
  • To increase consumer engagement.
  • To generate awareness or buzz.
  • To create word of mouth.
  • To garner more banner ad attention.”

Typically, consumers who click on native ads have the intent of purchasing something, differing from content marketing, where the goal is to build trust by providing useful information. Although there are differences between native advertising and content marketing, the two do go hand-in-hand. Be sure to view the rest of the infographic as it outlines the current state of native advertising and what path it is headed down for the future. 

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