Native Advertising Battlegrounds: Why Use Paid Media for Distribution?

Lewis DVorkin of Forbes offers a nice overview of native advertising battlegrounds in his recent post on For one of these battlegrounds, distribution, he asks:

Why place marketing content off domain (meaning a platform like FORBES) when Red Bull and Nike do it on domain, meaning a corporate micro site? One answer: the later can cost tens of millions of dollars.”

A very good, and daring, question to ask on his part.  However, it is, as Lewis indicates, all about discovery.  As a marketer, I’d certainly like to develop my own digital properties(i.e., owned media) and not have to depend upon paid media as a channel for engaging with our buyers. Realistically though, it’s unlikely that I’ll  be able to completely replace the value of external media.  Therefore, off-site media will continue to be a source of new contacts for my organization as well as an opportunity to further engage with my existing set of contacts.

Bottom line here?. . . Best practice marketing will continue to include tapping into all areas of media(i.e., owned, paid and earned) to distribute content.

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