Most Effective Content Promotion Channels

You’ve put a lot of time into creating a great piece of content, but how can you be certain it’s going to get noticed –  and by the right audience? It’s crucial to spend time planning and executing a targeted promotion strategy when you publish content. Kyra Kuik gives promotion advice on email, third-party sites and social media networks in this article on Social Media Today.

Here are some of her tips on email content:

  • Always personalize emails with readers’ names (Hey Greg!)
  • Make sure your content is useful–aim to provide value to your readers
  • Put your brand’s personality front and center
  • Keep things visually interesting

It’s important to remember not to overwhelm your subscribers with emails. Maintain a consistent frequency based around important content launches. Keep the written content to a minimum, as well. Recipients will be much less likely to read a wall of text.

For more tips on the when and where of effective social promotion, check out the full article. 

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