Mastering the Art of Content Curation

The demand for content curation is increasing as companies need to: produce more with less, tap into third party perspectives to complement their own created content, and do more influencer marketing. In fact, the best marketers curate 25% of their content. [source]

There are many best practices out there to help marketers as content curation becomes a more important part of the content marketing strategy. Tereza Litsa of ClickZ wrote a helpful post on “How to Master the Art of Content Curation”. Some of her tips include:

  • Keep your unique perspective
  • Find opportunities to interact with influencers
  • [Use] tools to organize curation

Tools can be a significant advantage in more efficiently finding the best content across the Internet for your audience in the least amount of time. Here is a map of content curation tools to help assess the vendor landscape. 

Check out this 80+ page Ultimate Guide to Content Curation for detailed step by step guidance, tips and performance metrics to get the most out of your curation efforts; and certainly see Tereza’s full post, link below, to learn more about mastering curation.

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