Market Leaders Focus on Consumers

Looking to get ahead of the content marketing curve? Becoming a “customer-obsessed” marketer is going to get you there. With all the information available to today’s buyers, it’s becoming increasingly important for organizations to make sure they’re using the right tools, have the right team in place and are optimizing for the correct channels in order to meet these buyers’ content demands.

Mark Hurd, President at Oracle, explains that marketers must learn how to sell to buyers across multiple channels who are often just as tech-savvy as the organizations trying to sell to them. It’s imperative to deliver personalized information in real-time, use customer data to drive engagement and invest in technology to help with the process.

Mark provides us with five tenets content marketers must grasp in order to find success in today’s online marketplace:

1) Marketing has a greater responsibility for the entire customer relationship than ever before.

2) It’s all about the data—you can’t engage if you don’t really know the customer.

3) The separation between marketing and IT has vanished.

4) Automation can transform sales and marketing to deliver more leads, faster.

5) Modern marketing is a team effort requiring a mix of skill sets, plus support from the CEO.

For more detail on these key tenants, check out Mark’s full article. 

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