Make Your Blog Title Better Than This One

Creating an attention-grabbing title is no easy feat. Your title directly impacts the success of your blog post. It determines social engagement, email click-through, and unique views. Unfortunately, creativity can only get you so far in the world of headlines. Data can take you further in ensuring your content gets the views it deserves.

Marketer and keynote speaker Heidi Cohen advises:

After investing precious resources into lovingly crafting content and social media shares, don’t just slap any headline on it that pops into your head at the last minute.

Here are suggestions to improve your blog post titles.

Upworthy recommends thinking of at least 25 headlines before choosing the best one. While this might be effective in creating a standout title, most marketers don’t have the luxury of that much time. For a blog cranking out new posts a couple of times a week, coming up with five or so titles and then whittling it down is fine.

There are also specific words and phrases that improve your blog post’s clickability. According to BuzzSumo, these are the top phrases to include in your title for Facebook engagement:

  • Will make you

  • This is why

  • Can we guess

Another tactic for successful headline creation is emotion. Try telling your audience the emotion the blog post will evoke with words like cute, heartwarming, or amazing in the title.

For more on using data to create a great title, check out Cohen’s complete article below.

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