“Lead” the Way with Interactive Content

Lead generation has become a concern for B2B marketers as 78% recently stated it to be their biggest challenge. Fortunately, incorporating interactive content into your strategy will allow you to head down a path of acquiring better and more qualified leads. Seth Lieberman states that interactive content has three main benefits: facilitating dialogue, creating a value exchange, and delivering content in new, exciting ways. Lieberman highlights the benefit of exchanging value:

Interactive content can pull specific, actionable data from your audience – which can then be organized within your marketing automation.  As they interact, prospects happily provide deep insights into themselves, quickly filling out profile information for lead scoring and triggering campaigns, and creating better, faster MQLs.”

Take a look at the entire article as Lieberman provides real examples of companies that are utilizing interactive content. Hopefully these ideas will inspire your next great piece of content. 

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