Jay Baer’s 5 Content Curation Success Factors

As more marketers use content curation, the value of learning best practices and techniques increases. There is a vast majority of content out there for marketers to help them when it comes to curating. Sometimes even just knowing the importance of content curation helps with your curation efforts.

Jay Baer shares tips in getting started with curation in his post “Content Curation – 5 Ways to Succeed…Eventually”. Some of these tips include:

  • Identify your audience
  • Focus your content sharing
  • Curate content that is of impeccable quality

Your success as a content curation marketer rests on these fundamental factors. Establishing this base before jumping in will help you to provide great content for your audience.

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation which details step by step how you can get the most out of your content curation efforts; and certainly see the rest of Jay’s tips at the below link to his post.

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