It’s all about timing (and sometimes cookies)

We’re all basking in the post-Super Bowl brand buzz and while GoDaddy and Doritos still had a large presence, I wanted to discuss Oreo and the timeliness of their content. In the time of editorial calendars (yah, you know you have one whether you like it or not) there is no bigger benefit than finding and publishing the right content at the exact right moment. Oreo’s TV commercial was a big hit, and generated a fair amount of buzz, their timeliness of their twitter image post generated the biggest bang.

The amount of news generated, the amount of retweets (15,812) and was favorited 5,896 times and counting. What can we learn from Oreo’s quick thinking? Think about the big picture – although this was a simple tweet, think about the amount of coverage Oreo generated in news content. Coverage ranged from CNET to MediaPost to New York Daily News reaching further and further to an audience who may not be focus on Oreo as a quick-whitted delightful dessert. I’m sure we’ll all be watching closer during the upcoming awards shows to see what else Oreo will have to say.

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