Is Your Content Lacking Engagement? Here’s Why.

Finding ways to increase engagement rates across your website and blog may seem like a never-ending task. Thankfully, Bootcamp Media suggests taking the time to rework your content marketing strategy to combat this problem. One recommendation is to increase the length of your blog posts. They debunk the myth that shorter blog posts perform better by citing several statistics. 

If we look at the data on the topic of blog post length, it seems that the average length of blog posts that rank in the first 10 slots of the search results is more than 2,000 words. In fact, says research from serpIQ, blogs with 2,300 or more words tend to make up the first six spots in the SERPs.”

In addition to blog post length, the article states that using original visuals, such as infographics, and creating podcasts are just a few of many suggestions to create more valuable content. For other ideas on increasing engagement, check out The 4 Steps to Content Marketing Enlightenment

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