Is Content Curation the Answer to Your Marketing Challenges?

Content curation — a marketing strategy that allows individuals and companies to find, curate, and share high quality, relevant content — continues to emerge as a successful content marketing practice. This tactic has been adopted by many websites and blogs. In fact, best-in-class marketers reported that the best content marketing mix is 65% created content, 25% curated content, and 10% syndicated content. Daniel Sarath of writes about how content curation can help businesses strengthen relationships with other companies. 

It can not only provide useful corporate connections but create a helpful foundation for content marketers looking for good, high-authority websites to place guest posts on. Sharing an article written by a website that you are considering targeting will give them more of an incentive to work with you. They may even return the favor and link to your work in the future, a great help for both your search engine rankings and your incoming traffic.”

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