Inspiring Content Culture without an Executive

Content marketing is no part-time job, and it’s important to have a strong, dedicated content marketing team led by an executive to have a successful strategy. However, what if your organization lacks the resources to fund a content leader? How can organizations still craft a successful content plan without a full-time team? Jayson DeMers of Forbes answers this question. 

Jayson suggests inspiring existing employees with knowledge about your customer base to write content, as well as making content creation part of your staff’s job. Have them contribute a blog post each month. 

Consider how you can institutionalize a culture of content by holding all staff members accountable for content production. If it’s a part of the goals they’re expected to deliver on and a component of how they’re evaluated and compensated, you’ll very quickly see interest levels and efforts in output increase.

He also suggests simplifying the content workflow using a content calendar, establishing editorial guidelines and by providing editing support. Implementing content marketing specific technology such as a curation platform or content management system could also give a brand without a content executive a major leg up.

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