In Service Of The King: 5 Ways Content Curation Supports Blog Marketing

Content King

In the business blogging world, content is king.  The challenge many of us face isn’t in identifying who the king is, but in taking the time needed to elevate him into his throne.

Content curation – the process of finding, grouping, organizing and sharing content – can be a powerful tool that is more than up for the challenge of hoisting ‘Content the King’ into your company’s blog marketing throne.

Below, find 5 ways content curation supports your blog marketing efforts:

1.  Creating Content – The only reason customers visit your blog is to seek the counsel of ‘Content the King.’  Content curation helps boost the amount of content you create by:

  • Gathering content from relevant industry channels
  • Organizing content into key, targeted topics
  • Repurposing gathered material as original content 

In less than nineteen minutes each day, content curation can double the amount of content currently being created by your blog marketing efforts.

2.  Enhancing Visibility – A king must be seen by his people to be respected by his people.   Content curation doesn’t follow the ‘build it and they will come’ maxim towards enhancing visibility.  Rather, curation embraces the sharing of content by incorporating this step directly within its process make-up. 

3.  Shortening the learning curve – Boy kings such as King Tutankhamen elevated to the status of greatness with help from trusted advisors who guided them along the way.  By helping you zero in on the trends being discussed by peers in your industry, content curation can become this advisor and shorten the creation learning curve for any new blog marketer.

4.  Thought leadership – A proper king must know as much as possible about his kingdom and be seen as a true thought leader among his followers.  Content curation can help your content reflect thought leading viewpoints on a seemingly infinite number of industry topics by:  

  • Distilling large amounts of information into relevant issues 
  • Delivering original perspectives within an industry conversation 
  • Positioning your brand as the key source for the latest insight

5.  Lead generation – Just as one of a king’s functions is to expand his kingdom, one of your content’s functions is to grow your base of customers and prospects.  Blog marketing, boosted by content curation, can help your brand expand leads by: 

  • Improving organic search rankings for key terms
  • Building your brand as a trusted industry resource
  • Providing the content necessary to keep leads engaged in the sales cycle

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