Improve your Content Strategy in 4 Steps

I couldn’t agree more with Josic Media’s latest post on 4 ways to ramp up your digital marketing strategy. 

1. Start over – the digital world moves fast. Evolve or die when it comes to keeping up with the latest content trends.

2. Get real – make content personal for buyers and existing customers. Content should aim to be as valuable as possible.

3. Measure the impact of content – otherwise it could be impossible to tell what resonates with readers and what doesn’t. You could be missing your target audience and wasting your marketing budget.

4. Curate content to complement your created strategy. A 100% original content strategy can put strains on your writers and budget. 

Posting all your own, original content may seem like fun, but in reality, it is highly time-consuming, which can be overwhelming when you are also trying to run a business. 

Plus, readers want to read content from a variety of credible sources – including their peers. Give them an all-inclusive source of information on your specific topic with curation. 

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