If You Need To Increase Web Traffic, You Need To Pay Attention To Your Blog

“We need to increase web traffic!!”  

That’s the most common statement I hear from our customers.  Everybody needs more eyeballs.  And why not?  It’s the reason you’ve established a web presence the first place.  There are lots of responses to the “increase web traffic” statement, and the first one I usually reply with is to pay more attention to your blog.

Blogs are the place to ensure that you get your message across.  You can give your opinion, respond to a trending topic, comment on the state of your industry, or do whatever you’d like with your blog.  It’s your forum.  The problem is, it’s not completely your forum, and here’s why: search engines are the means by which people are going to find that message.  If your message isn’t findable, no one will find it. And you just can’t increase web traffic if you aren’t findable.

So, are you findable?  

What I mean by this is keywords.  Keywords are the cornerstone of any blog or content marketing effort. Keywords are made up of the stuff people are going to search engines and searching for.  The more of these words you have in your post, the better off you’ll be.  The more of them you have in your blog titles, the even better off you’ll be.  If you haven’t done so already, do a keyword analysis to find out what words are drawing people to your site.  When you complete that analysis, keep those keywords in handy.

Going forward, every time you sit down to craft up a new blog post, have that list sitting right on your desktop.  Embrace the list.  Make it your friend.  Get those words into the post in any way you possibly can.  If you see a way to put one of the words into the title of your post, by all means, DO IT!!  

Obviously, don’t make your post unreadable, and make sure you make your point in an inoffensive way, but also try to sprinkle those words into the body and title.  Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.  This will make your post, and your site much more findable, and findability is the name of the game these days.