How to Win with Content Curation (Even Before You’ve Started)

From cutting down ideation to publication time to reducing costs to increasing overall content production and improving SEO, the benefits of content curation continue to grow.

Prior to hopping into the curation game, consider the following to get the most out of your curation strategy.


Experts agree that content strategy is incomplete without curated content. The ratio of curated to original content is brand sensitive and should be determined based on engagement. Testing is important to gauge your audience’s interest in and consumption of curated content.


Since you want to position your brand as a thought leader, it’s good to select topics on the periphery of your topic areal. While these topics may not be directly relevant to your messaging, it could still help in creating loyalty and trust with potential customers.


It’s important to curate from a variety of websites and media outlets. Sherry Bonelli, of BrightLocal, explains why:

“Having just one or two outlets to draw content from is all well and good but, it’s likely that competitors also turn to those same experts for their own curated content.”


The general rule of thumb for ethical curation is to “give more than you take.” Provide more original commentary than borrowed text. Two ways you can do this is by editorializing or providing a prompt to your readers.

Check out all of Bonelli’s reasons and tactics for content curation in the article below.

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