How to Take Your SEO to the Next Level

The importance of effective SEO just keeps increasing in the marketing world. More marketers find themselves fighting harder for the top spot when it comes to search engine results. And as Neal Schaffer has shown, embracing social media is not only a great way to promote your content and get your brand more visibility—it can boost your page rank too.

Stoney deGeyter offers some additional insight about amplifying your SEO in a recent blog post. Stoney mentions the importance of preparing beforehand and knowing what your content strategy is. He advises:

… the important thing here is to have an actual strategy. Don’t just throw content out there. You have to take time to develop great content that people want, need and are looking for. Content such as this helps people find you—not because they were looking for your products or services, but because you have answers and solutions. Every new visitor reading your content is a potential customer down the road.

Strategy is an important factor that should never be ignored—a good strategy will ensure a piece of content will stand out above the rest. Check out Curata’s Content Strategy eBook to make sure your content is the best it could be, and read the rest of Stoney’s post via the link below. 

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