How to Take From Your Competitors — The Right Way

When marketers are suffering from a shortage of ideas, one option is to look at the work of their competitors. It is always useful to understand what has performed well and what hasn’t. Kern Lewis argues that some of the best insights often come from these competitors:

A good corollary to that idea is that you are no dumber or smarter than any of your competitors; they can teach you a lot about your marketing opportunities if you pay attention. Copying other people’s marketing ideas is fair game, as long as you gain insights into how they work, and how well they work, by closely monitoring their activity in the marketplace.”

Lewis makes a good point here, but it is also important to distinguish ideas from actual content. When it comes to content, we must only take from competitors in an ethical manner. If publishing content from a competitor, be sure to provide annotation and clear attribution to the original article. 

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