How to Repurpose Like a Boss

Marketers will create loads of content this year. They should prioritize content with a long lifetime. With the proper planning, you can create content that delights your audience across formats and channels.

Focus on What Your Audience Loves

Look for definitive insights in your historical social and Google Analytics data. Hone in on the top topics of interest, and the audience for them This ensures you’re writing for the correct audience on things they care about.

Expand the Value to the Types of Content Needed

Content has the power to pique interest, be educational, prompt a lead to become a customer, spark advocacy, and more. However an individual piece of content will have a tough time doing all of the above. Create channel-specific content that includes a different, yet valuable, angle with each take, formatted it in the way your audience prefers. Pagely contributor Susan Payton explains why:

“…if you customize the content for the channel, and provide a slightly different twist for each, [they’ll] seek you out on each channel to get maximum value.”

Unpack the value in each piece of content that makes it out the door. Don’t go all the way back to the ideation stage for each new content item. Instead, use data to create campaigns around proven topics.

Payton offers more on strategic repurposing in the original article below.

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