How to Manage a Successful Outsourced Content Team

Creating enough content is consistently listed as a top challenge for today’s content marketers. Content curation is an excellent way to publish high quality, relevant content consistently to support created content, but how you can create enough original content without breaking the bank – or the backs of your in-house writers?

Outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular way for organizations to publish created content on a regular basis as it is cost-efficient and effective. Brian Honigman at Skyword writes several steps organizations can take to successfully manage an outsourced content marketing team. These tips include establishing goals, hiring top-notch writers and creating a strategy. Brian also expresses the importance of an editorial calendar.

Your team should create and oversee an editorial calendar to ensure your organization is producing a variety of content in different forms, covering various topics of interest to your audience, and syncing these content efforts with other marketing activations across your organization.

An editorial calendar will also help you keep track of who’s writing what, when it’s due, who is editing, when it’s being published, etc. to ensure you’re content strategy stays on track and everyone is on the same page.

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