How to Make Your Content More Bingeable

With over 98 million subscribers, Netflix is at the top of the digital content game. On average, subscribers watch over 90 minutes of Netflix a day.

With membership and engagement like this, smart content marketers are trying to parrot Netflix’s content tactics. Digitalist Magazine explains some of the reasons why they believe Netflix is so successful:

Consumers want control over their content, but that doesn’t mean give them everything and make them sort it out themselves. By learning as much about their customers as possible and utilizing personalized rankings, Netflix is able to package up tailored recommendations to each viewer. They want control, but they need you to provide them with ample, relevant, binge-worthy content that they can then consume on their own time, at their own pace.

The evidence supports the theory that creating easy-to-consume content with personalized recommendations helps increase subscriber engagement.

Seventy five percent of TV viewers admit to binge watching. Netflix encourages this by creating regular calls to action like “Keep watching?” and “Recently added” sections.

In addition, Netflix gives all their viewers a personalized content experience by including a “Recommended for you” or “You might also enjoy” section. Seventy five percent of Netflix views are a result of these content recommendation functions.

Rather than gating content behind separate forms, Netflix allows readers access to all content after one login, simplifying the consuming process. 

For an infographic with more information about how content marketers can use Netflix’s tactics to succeed, click the link below.

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