How to Intertwine Content Marketing With Event Promotion

Eighty three percent of B2B marketers are heavily invested in events. And 45 percent of event planners say budget is the biggest challenge when planning an event. One way marketers can improve event performance without inflating their budget is to focus on promoting the event digitally. This is beneficial not only to an event’s success, but your marketing strategy as a whole.

Leila Dorari at Site Pro News argues that event promotion can also be beneficial outside of increasing attendance:

With appropriate advertising, you are not only ensuring your event will be visited by enough people, you’re also building a name for yourself and setting the groundwork for future marketing efforts.

Use these tactics pre-event for promotion and post-event to create excitement.

  • Create a dedicated event page optimized for SEO.
  • Create blog posts and other content around the event.
  • Schedule out email campaigns around the event.
  • Send thank you emails (or actual letters!) to event attendees.

Promotion prior to, and repurposing post-event, are integral to event marketing’s success. But don’t forget to also leverage digital during the event, to generate excitement, spur conversation, and increase brand awareness. This can include:

  • Using the event hashtag, sharing pictures, and asking questions during the event.
  • Creating blog posts and other content summarizing key takeaways from the event.
  • Networking, and sharing printed content at the event.

Dorari offers more tactics for improving your event marketing strategies via the link below.

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