How to Improve Influencer Relations With Content Marketing

Influencer marketing is increasingly trendy in 2017. Articles on the topic are increasing in popularity, and there are many theories on the best way to create an influencer marketing program that works. 

Lee Odden, influencer and CEO of TopRank Marketing, gives his opinion:

The most practical and useful way to engage influencers in a way that creates value for everyone involved is through content. In fact, 80 percent of marketers say content marketing is what working with influencers has the greatest impact on. Accept that truth and your path to influencer marketing ROI will be much shorter, painless and enjoyable. 

Here are a few things to consider when making improvements to an influencer marketing program:

  • Approach influencer marketing with the idea of building relationships in mind. Suggesting co-creation, taking time to interact with influencers on social media, and exchanging tasks for assistance all help improve your relationship with an influencer.
  • Look internally for subject-matter experts to build your own influencer within the industry. This is an inexpensive way to leverage influencer marketing while further bolstering your brand.
  • Observe active networks to find new influencers.
  • Track your influencer marketing to measurable goals in the same way you track other marketing tactics.

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  • Brands are using referral marketing techniques to promote their product on YouTube by connecting with YouTube influencers that can bring them their target audience.