How to Help Your Sales Team Close

In the world of B2B marketing, lead generation, nurturing, and qualification are key to helping your sales team and company succeed. Unfortunately, these efforts sometimes fall short.

Johanna Rivard at PureB2B shares this advice:

Don’t let your marketing efforts go to waste! Identifying and anticipating potential warning signs will help your sales teams counter potential sales objections and focus their efforts on accounts with the highest likelihood of following through.

While identifying potential warning signs is important, it’s just as important that you come up with solutions for those warning signs. Here are some common issues for sales professionals, and what you can do to help:

  • Leads are Avoiding or Postponing Sales Calls: While there’s no way to avoid this entirely, this is probably a good sign that the leads you’re passing over aren’t ready or interested enough in your product to talk to sales. Come up with some suggestions to help your sales team manage these scenarios, or create a nurturing campaign to move these leads back into if they’re not responding. 
  • Prospects are Objecting to Price: This is very common in the world of B2B sales. It doesn’t necessarily mean the leads you’re passing over are unqualified. Just in case, consider reevaluating industry and company size constraints to make sure the leads you’re passing over have the budget to make the purchase. Create a battle card for your sales team to help them make a case for your pricing.

For more on how to help your sales team, check out the rest of Rivard’s article below.

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