How to Grow the Content Garden of Your Dreams

You have sown the seeds of content curation and have been patiently waiting for them to blossom. The truth of the matter is, just like flowers need more than just water to grow, content curation needs more than a few shares to generate noticeable results. On top of saving money and time, there can be additional benefits to curating content, if executed correctly.  In this article, Mark Woodcock explains four ways to care for and grow a content garden. One way is by becoming an industry expert. 

As you put together curated collections, you can become a go-to resource people rely on for accurate, helpful information. When you provide resources that are loaded with good information and that are grouped together in helpful ways, people will see you as an industry expert. Building this kind of reputation will help you solidify your online brand and raise awareness, benefiting your entire business.

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