How to Get Started as a Content Curator

Stacey Miller of PRWeb offers five rules to help marketers begin curating as part of their content marketing strategy.  Here are a couple of things that stand out for me within Stacey’s post:

  • Before even beginning the list of rules, Stacey defines curation, as well as describing the value of curation for marketers.  A good first step since many marketers are still in the education phase for this powerful yet underutilized content marketing tactic.
  • Her first rule includes a comment about the need to understand your audience.  Nice!. . . .”Will the content serve your stakeholders with quality information or entertainment?”
  • I like that her third rule is to provide attribution to the publisher/author.  An excellent recommendation if you want to be an ethical curator. “Always provide links back to your sources, and credit the creator of any material you share.”
  • Her fifth rule says to “Go beyond curation to offer your own opinion on people’s content.” I take a different angle on this.  I believe that adding value to your curated content is/should be a key part of curation.  

Thanks Stacy.  Well done. (fyi . . . some additional content curation resources)

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