How to Get Executives Aboard The Content Marketing Train

Content marketing has proven to be a powerful method to educate consumers and earn quality leads. However, research shows that B2B marketers are struggling to obtain executive buy-in. In order for the content marketing train to take off successfully, all company executives should be on board. In fact, 49% of companies have an executive in place for content marketing, according to our 2015 Content Marketing Tactics & Technology Study. Otherwise, the operation would lack the necessary resources and guidance. This is why Elizabeth Clor assembled this four-step guide to achieve executive buy-in towards content marketing. First step? Understand and articulate the ‘why’.

To lead a successful content marketing program, you need stakeholders and executives to understand exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. This “why” needs to tie directly to business objectives and you need to present it in a language that resonates with your executives.

Take a look at the rest of this short guide to make sure you are ready to share the benefits of content marketing. Already have executive buy-in? Build a powerful strategy by downloading our eBook, The Content Marketing Pyramid.

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