How to Gain Fresh Content Ideas from Events

Have you ever experienced a case of writer’s block? If you are a content marketer, the answer is a definite “Yes!” In fact, recent studies show that 60% of marketers agree that creating engaging content is their top challenge. While anyone can produce reasonable quality content, not everyone can produce content that will serve its purpose and successfully engage an audience. A great way to get your creative juices flowing is by researching events, such as conferences or conventions, that relate to your industry. In this article, Lee Odden explains twelve ways to come up with great content from events. One way? Create a Daily Roundup Post.

Curate other people’s blog posts, top Tweets, speaker quotes and photos (giving credit where credit is due). This can actually be done by someone who is not at the event using social media monitoring tools like BuzzSumo. But it’s better if they do attend.”

Are you looking for ways to increase your content supply? Check out the rest of this article to learn how events can help you accomplish this. For other ways to overcome writer’s block, download our eBook, 2015 Content Marketing Tactics & Technology Planner.

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