How To Fuel A Better Email Strategy With Content Curation

Email marketing isn’t dead…it’s just getting harder to do it well. Nowadays, even emails that are segmented with strategic goals in mind can fall flat if they aren’t relevant to the reader. 

As Jeff Haws explains on MessageGears:

If you’re going to not just get and keep subscribers, but have an engaged subscriber list that generates leads for your business, you need them to look forward to your emails and not even consider deleting them without an open. And the route to that may be content curation.

Ideally, you’d have the perfect piece of original content to meet every reader’s personal needs and interests. Until that day, content curation can help fill the gap. For your next email campaign, try building segments around the recipients’ previous actions or personal interests and include content that speaks directly to their needs, even if it’s not your own.

With the vast amounts of content already out there, not to mention the new content being published every day, your customers are looking for someone to cut through the noise and curate the most relevant articles, videos, etc.

For more on how to use content curation to improve your email marketing, check out the complete article on MessageGears.

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