How to Find & Avoid Duplicate Content

James Garman of VIA Innovation has a few tips and tools on how to avoid duplicate content to avoid SEO penalties.  He says that the burden is on you to find duplicate content and make sure it doesn’t happen:

Nobody likes to see their content on another site, especially if it is outranking your original article. Unfortunately, the battle with scrapers and duplicate content is an ongoing one, but the good news is that the search engines are working harder to come up with a resolution. In the meantime, it’s up to you to stay diligent about your content’s whereabouts and use preventative action so that you can get the credit you rightfully deserve.

Many novice content curators are concerned that their curation efforts will result in duplicate content penalties because their content is excerpting content from another site.  However, curators can avoid such penalties by ethically curating content by taking limited excerpts from the original content, and taking the time and energy to annotate their content to add their own value.

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