How to Ensure Your Content Stands Out from the Crowd

Content marketing is predicted to hit the mainstream in 2016 as an increased number of marketers realize the power of content to grow leads and revenue. As a result it will become important to create content that will catch and keep readers’ attention. Matthew Royse provides 7 essential tips on (refer to link below) to help ensure your content is distinctive, such as:

Create a newsroom; your competition is bigger than you think.

Refresh and reuse valuable content.

Repurpose your content, develop a strategy for various types of content.

One of Matthew’s suggestions for reusing and repurposing your existing content is to use the Content Marketing Pyramid framework. This framework can be used to help build your content strategy for planning large, gated assets; and then identifying how to best atomize these assets into more “bite-size” pieces of content across different formats.

Check out this 70+ page guide for creating your own content strategy and optimizing reuse of content; and certainly see Matthew’s other steps for creating distinctive content at the link below.



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