How to Develop a Collaborative Curation Workflow

Content curation has moved from a ‘nice to have’ part of content marketing, to a ‘need to have’ part. It can be a big job for one person, and even if it isn’t, part of curation’s strength is in assembling a diversity of perspectives – which is more likely to happen when it’s done by more than one person.

If you have multiple people in your company discovering third party content, with the right process, your team can become a content-curation powerhouse. 

Aaron Orendorff at Social Media Examiner argues:

Every day, people all across your company (from marketing, to product development, to sales, to customer service) discover a treasure trove of sharable, click-worthy content… take advantage of all of the wonderful content the people in your company come across daily, and you’ll soon have a never-ending source of quality content to share on social media.

Best in class content marketers are creating 65% of their own original content, curating 25%, and syndicating 10%. But don’t forget to measure how successful your curation is. Just keep in mind that content curation relies on third-party off-site content, which can generate misleading metrics which should be ignored. To find out which ones, download The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation eBook. For a full explanation of how to help your staff to curate content, click on the article below.

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