How to Curate Content Effortlessly Using Social Platforms

Social media is a great source for finding compelling content to curate for your audience. Keeping an eye on what happens on the most popular social platforms is an essential part of staying trendy. Although intriguing headlines and pictures are what draw one’s attention, it is crucial to actually analyze the content and make sure it is relevant and updated before sharing. One of the most useful social platforms for finding content to curate is Twitter. In this article, Lauren Dugan breaks down how to curate content on twitter in 10 minutes a day. First step? Load up your streams. 

Log in to your Twitter dashboard of choice (I prefer HootSuite). Open the tab that contains your lists, saved searches and hashtags. You should have no more than 6 total streams (more is fine if you choose to only look at up to 6 each day).”

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