How to Create Content that Works

You’re probably already using content as part of your marketing strategy, but are you failing to find success? “How do I create a content marketing strategy that actually works?” is the question Brian Clark tackles head on in this article. His answer is implementing an agile content strategy. 

Agile content marketing follows the same 3-step process

1. Start with an educated guess for a content approach

2. Release content knowing it’s likely flawed

3. Optimize constantly based on feedback

Do your research on what type of content you should be creating. Choose your topic and listen to what your readers’ goals and interests are. Then, analyze the impact of your content. Is it resonating with your audience? Continuously seek feedback and adjust your content for optimization — further growing your reader base and increasing engagement. Content should seek to provide as much value as possible for readers, so adjust it for your audience’s needs and there’s no doubt you’ll see improvement. 

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